Meet Kate, Emily Morrow Home’s Newest Marketing Specialist

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest member to the Emily Morrow Home family, Kate!

If she shows up a few minutes late, don’t worry she probably just stopped to pet every dog that she saw on her commute over (which is also why she always has a lint roller in her car at all times). Also, she will most likely be wearing something that’s mustard yellow whether it be shoes, a shirt or a scrunchie!


Born and raised in the suburbs of Augusta, Georgia, it wasn’t until late high school, during one of her first jobs at a local outdoor retailer, that she discovered her curiosity towards one of the fundamental marketing principles, consumer behavior. Her manager poured into her about how store setups, designs, colors, and placements could all affect someone’s decision to buy a certain product. From then on Kate felt a passion for design whether it be clothes, interior, store setups, graphics, logos, you name it! Kate recently graduated in May 2018 with a BBA in marketing and minor in graphic design from the University of North Georgia–Dahlonega.


At her time at the University of North Georgia, Kate received the amazing opportunity to become the marketing intern within the Mike Cottrell College of Business. “It was very influential for me to have had this position within the college. Not only did I gain incredible experience; I was able to realize the true purpose of marketing which is not to manipulate or deceive people, as so much of the population believes, but rather create a whole new level of synergy between those who have these incredible ideas, causes, and innovations with the rest of the world,” stated Kate.


But a marketing degree wasn’t the only thing Kate came out of college with… She met her wonderful soon to be husband, Harrison Kranzlein (Just 76 more days!) and the two have plans to live in Ft. Ogelthorpe, GA along with hopefully adopting a furry, four legged child soon!


Emily and Kate haven’t known each other long, but Emily has already used her bubbly, charming personality to pull Kate over to the dark side (of chocolate, that is). Kate is also secretly hoping that Emily takes charge in decorating Kate and Harrison’s new apartment! Kate also looks forward to being a part of helping grow the EMH brand along with all of the amazing opportunities to further her experience in design.


We asked Kate what her color scheme is for their new apartment thus far and she has decided to go with indigo blue accents paired with whites, grays, and earth tones.


Kate’s favorite floors:

Cosmopolitan Coast

The warmth of the sliced white oak is revealed with expert subtlety through hand-rubbing, scraping and finishing each board. This is a perfect floor color and style that flows seamlessly with neutrals and pops of strong color.

Authentic Luxury

The sliced white oak plank is distressed by hand for a true craftsman’s finish. I’m a huge fan of wide plank floors and Authentic Luxury is 7” wide and up to 8’ long. The natural graining and detail of the floor is accentuated by the finish, and it fits with many different design styles

Here is some inspiration from Kate for design ideas to pair with either floor along with some of her favorite things!




Indigo tile kitchen back-splash with brushed brass accents

Accent pillows

Dog (Berger Blanc Suisse)

White bedspread with Indigo accent pillows

Mercury glass chandelier

OTBT leather sneakers

Indigo sofa

Madewell white cotton courier shirt

Indigo accent wall decor

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