Living Colorfully: Color Trends for Fall 2018

By Kate Toburen, EMH Marketing Specialist

Autumn is upon us! Well… it’s located on the home decor aisles here in the South. Even though it’s still a steamy 90 degrees here in Georgia, I keep trying to trick myself by running my car’s air conditioning at a crisp 70 degrees. But, nevertheless Fall is always an exciting season, (my favorite season personally) especially for home decorating or improvements. So let’s dive in!

You know that saying “What goes around comes back around?” Well, that definitely applies to design as well. For those of you who were graced to live in the early 80s, you may remember some of the era’s best known color palettes called: Jewel and Earth Tones. You know… those rich colors inspired by different jewels that so many of you would recognize from Harry Winston’s precious jewels to Ralph Lauren’s classic preppy 80s collections. Well guess what? Those colors are back and better than ever and their combinations are fresh and welcoming!

We pulled some inspiration from some of our favorite design blogs to give you ideas on how you might want to implement these jewel and earth tone palettes.


Burnt Orange 

One of the most beautiful fall colors, in my opinion, is burnt orange. It pairs easily with the other jewel tones  like navy blue or in this particular shot, with a rich turquoise  on patterned love seat for example. This particular living room is very rich, slightly masculine but certainly made “new” through the application of the ultra-bold lacquered orange paint technique. The magic of this palette is in its pairing of quiet neutrals with bolder palettes. However, if laquering an entire room in orange does not appeal to you, consider accenting a room with these stunning cognac leather viceroy chairs located by the mantle.


Beefeater Red

Adding red to any space introduces a great deal of drama and commands attention when designing a room, and creates a tasteful opportunity to introduce and bridge in various styles of furniture. The wall of custom built case goods adds a swathe of brilliant color as the backdrop for neutral upholstered furnishings. For contrast it’s always ideal to introduce either patterns like leopard print in the case of the sconce shade or the blue and white porcelains situated within the case goods (which are some of Emily’s favorite accent pieces to collect).


Navy Blue

Navy blues are timeless colors to incorporate in your home whether as walls and cabinets, or as couches and throw pillows. I’m actually hoping to weave navy blue hues throughout my first apartment because this rich color provides a great balance between masculine and feminine characteristics.


Emerald Green

This picture perfectly exhibits the impact that a little splash of dark emerald will add to your room. Especially, if you love stark white walls (I’m talking to you farmhouse connoisseurs). This color can be used on walls, but use it in a room with lots of natural lighting otherwise it may darken the room too much. In addition know that accenting a room with pieces, like this emerald chair, will take those neutral spaces to the next level. And that’s definitely something “Aunt Sheryl” will be talking about when she comes to visit for the holidays this year.


Greenish Grey

Otherwise known as “smoke green”, this color has really skyrocketed in popularity throughout 2018. This greenish grey encapsulates the refined side of an industrial inspired room and really makes those metallic accents pop. It’s a great color for those who really like the safety of designing with neutral colors, but also adds that extra oomph!


Imperial Yellow

This color was the one that caught me off guard when it came to researching design color palettes for Fall 2018. I could imagine a mustard yellow because it’s such a classic fall color, but man… this yellow is bright and confident! This shade of yellow is best paired with European inspired design such as the classic dark, red-brown hardwood floors (stay tuned for an English inspired EMH product coming in 2019!) and dainty, elegant accents.


Smoky Amethyst

Does anyone else look at this room scene and feel more calm? This lavender look alike is a perfect color for a guest room or bathroom because it speaks, “Hey there, why don’t you forget about all your problems and just relax in here for awhile…” If walls could talk, am I right? And again this color pairs beautifully with neutrals along with some of the more modern accents like this mirrored dresser.



There you have it, some of the newest color trends palette for Fall 2018. So, if you live in the South and it’s a little hard to think of Fall because of the weather then crank up the air conditioning in your car and escape in our inspiration. Hope this helps you want to live more colorfully!