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What Kind of Flooring Should I Install?

If you or someone you know are thinking about tackling some renovations or updates to your home this year…you’re probably a little torn between “if, how much and where” to use carpet, hardwood floors or rugs…or a combination of each.

Facing the Giants with Joy and Love As Your Weapons

The saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is one of my favorite sayings. In fact I used it just today and can’t help but smile each time the words pass my lips. Why you may ask, it’s because it serves as a reminder that there so many things most people “sweat” and stress over that really don’t phase me much.

Hardwood Floors Through the Lens of 2018

There will be a continuing refinement and expansion of harder to achieve hardwood visuals, which essentially includes layers of multi-step “hand-touched” effects, parquetry and sawn, cracked or crackled visuals in chalky-matte finishes of warm grays, neutral-whites and driftwood or barnwood grays, just reinvented to feel fresh and new.

The Finkells: Factories Behind Fences

Inmates in the Turney Correctional facility outside of Nashville, Tenn., have the opportunity to work at a fully-functioning flooring plant inside the gates of the prison. America OEM Wood Floors, Don Finkell’s brainchild, has a huge focus on social entrepreneurship. He started the company four years ago and fired up manufacturing two years later.