An important message from Help us give JOY to families with cancer this holiday season

This time of year, when the leaves are falling along with the temperatures and we see the beginnings of Christmas here and there, I am acutely reminded of the gift I’ve been given. As with all gifts, there comes some level of responsibility and when the gift is “life”, the responsibility is the greatest. Fifteen years ago, many of my friends know of my breast cancer diagnosis and journey to wellness. Since then, I’ve shared posts of the many reasons I am thankful, there are so many, but suffice it to say one of the biggest is the love of my family. Fifteen years ago, while recuperating from a chemotherapy treatment and Neupogen injection (a bone marrow stimulant which helps make white blood cells) my mother came to my house and ordered me to get dressed, we were going to shop for my children’s “Santa Claus” Christmas gifts. I had been so fatigued that it hadn’t occurred to me that it was time to do that. This was my first Christmas with breast cancer and my first Christmas as a single mother. So many things had changed and so many things had become so difficult. One thing that was constant was my family’s love and encouragement, and my mother’s selfless “filling in the gaps” on my behalf for my children, who were ages five and nine. I will never forget and will never allow my children forget the selflessness of both my parents and especially that of my mother, the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for. She has inspired me through her lifetime of giving to others, living her recipe for “Joy”, J-Jesus first, O-Others, Y-Yourself last, to launch our family foundation whose mission involves giving to families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. I am sure there are many mommies (or daddies, or guardians) like me who are tired, stressed both financially and physically, and need a helping hand. I am asking for your support with the campaign we are launching via to “fill in the gaps” that so many might have. With the coordinated efforts of other foundations and affiliations, we are identifying these families in our area and will prayerfully help to make their holiday season sweeter and brighter.

The Emily Morrow Home hardwood brand is allocating a portion of our proceeds from sales to this wonderful cause and invite you to join our campaign. If you’re interested feel free to email or message our family team at or 1-866-775-3877. The Kiker Morrow Finkell Foundation for Cancer Care will be receiving donations at P.O. Box 1465, Dalton, GA 30722 or via the PayPal link below.

Thank you,

Emily and family


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