DESIGN SPECTATOR for Floor Covering Weekly: All-American in the 21st Century

Max and Company, a design firm in Atlanta, features framed flags as inspiration for the color palette of blue and white with red accents.


Have you taken a look back in time at what American homes looked like, in the 50’s or 60’s? Perhaps you lived through the avocado green shag carpet days when your walls were clad in wood paneling or daisy wall paper, not necessarily the prettiest era in interior design. Have you watched the movie from the 50’s called “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home” where it shows the “lady of the house” walking her contractor through the house and discussing colors in great detail?

That was then, and now, oh how things have changed. Today’s homes in America are incredibly different. It’s fascinating to reflect over the changes that we have undergone, and in doing this, we can better see where we are heading, as an industry as well as in overall design trends. What exactly is “all-american” today? Today the definition is a million different things as well as maybe just one simple thing…that one thing is this…it is our marketplace, from sea to shining sea, and it’s in a free-flowing state of change. How we meet the needs for today’s american consumers is exciting and fun but it can be daunting to so many who feel comfortable in their old ways of doing business. Today, we have to consider so many consumers and all their preferences…the Gen Z’ers, i-Gen or Centennials, the Millennials, Gen Y’ers and X’ers, the Baby Boomers and the Traditionalists…consider how to get their attention when their attention is already spread so thin, how do we know what they want and need, what they value and what they aspire for … when their needs vary from person to person and are so radically different from past generations.

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All-American homes today are incredibly different from those of the 1950’s and 60’s.

All American homes today are incredibly different from those of the 1950’s and 60’s.One important detail that applies to all the groups and to all ages is that color impacts all. Color can cause us to make a decision to buy. Color trends change over time, styles and preferences change too…which means oftentimes we want something new before we need something new. Sometimes the best answers are the most simple ones, right? We have technology literally in the palms of our hands that show us images and videos of the latest designs on the runways of New York during fashion week as it’s happening “live” or video snippets from design installations at various designer showhouses of drool-worthy finishes…why not then imagine the other endless opportunites that allows us for selling ideas and products to consumers?

We have technology literally in the palms of our hands that show us images and videos of the latest designs. E-Commerce is moving at a pace that is mind boggling and every day, more and more companies are expanding to sell products once only available at your corner grocery store. Amazon acquired Whole Foods and it is not too big of a stretch of the imagination to expect our groceries dropped off via drone at our front doors. Why not go ahead and order your flooring, your furniture or your light fixtures via the web? Logistically speaking, shipping products has become much easier and far less complicated than before and consumers want what they want as soon as they want it, right now!

Anywhere, USA – Amazon is an online company and is the largest retailer in the world.

Amazon has changed the way we all purchase products. Today we can order a wide variety things within seconds and packages arrive within a few days right to your front door.

We are in the midst of daily changes in the US where American made products by American manufacturers has actually become a movement. The opportunity to find and buy the best American made products for the home is so much easier than 10 years ago. Check labels, read the fine print and make it known that this matters to you, if it does. Today’s All American Home can be red, white and blue…or just blue and white…or it can be all black…the point is this, All-American homes today are a reflection of all our tastes and preferences, and can also be filled with good ole’ American made products.
Made in USA Flags icons do not always guarantee that your purchase is made in the USA so do your homework to be 100% sure. Emily Morrow Home hardwood floors are made in the USA and are constructed of All-American hardwoods as well.

To find your own inspiration for your home, go to and shop for flooring and furnishings.

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