Design Spectator for FloorCovering Weekly: Seen & Heard at #TISE2017

Now that the 2017 TISE Surfaces Event is in our rear view mirror, it’s an ideal time to pause and reflect on the predictions that were made, as well as the various new looks we spotted while at the show reflecting those trends. As any seasoned trend forecaster does, I enjoy finding the products representative of the recently published “Top 10 Flooring Trends” at Surfaces. Beyond the trends or products themselves, it’s important to consider the bigger picture of where and how it all fits in, how they might impact the marketplace and what changes could follow.

As TISE attendance and exhibitors go, I’m certain the numbers are larger than last year or the year before. What interests me most is the level of enthusiasm industry-friends showed when I asked them how the show was going. In walking about with squinted eyes, the basic palette certain looked muted but with a strong influence of blues. For example if there was a color line of eight to ten colors, there would be taupes, grays, off-whites, creamy whites, washed denimy-blues and saturated indigo blues. While the warm neutrals are found in longer colorlines, they were still veering far from the terracottas and yellow golds of years past. We can expect to see gradually more of the terracotta tiles to work their way into our world of design in the form of clay-like terracotta hues. Gray, taupe and mushroom are still the majority of the neutrals that I spotted and are still going to remain important for the next several years. While it takes years for trends to make their presence known, it also takes years for trends to recede…and keep in mind that gray has been so much more than a trend.

  1. Understated luxury…i.e. marbled effects
  2. Clean or zero grout lines, no visible wood grain for “uncluttered” living
  3. Global or travel inspired design movement.. layered rugs over sisal or hardwood
  4. Urban Farmhouse look which is a blend of rustic and reclaimed
  5. Hybrid traditional and modern details. Natural neutrals, keep things light.
  6. Wood has migrated up from the floor to the walls and ship lap boards.
  7. Danish design movement aka “hygge”, indicative of comfort, includes a rope-like yarns, matte, plastered or concrete finishes
  8. Jewel-tones + a set of new warm neutrals. Muted earth-tones, terracotta, camel & sand
  9. Blue, all shades of blue
  10. Open living floor plans

With the trends list in mind, consider this big thought which has been a topic of ongoing hot debate in our floor covering industry…”… Is hard surface going to eventually replace carpet or does carpet maintain a position in the floorcovering industry’s overall picture?”…I believe carpet not only holds its own, but through continual innovation and highly creative product development, carpet more than exceeds expectations fitting many of the “Top 10” trends, while enhancing and complementing the areas where only hard surfaces should be.

Carpet and rugs are literally a luxury to the senses as they are soft and quiet underfoot…and provide ample ways to express design statements through pattern and color. While this may sound like a biased opinion, it’s unbiased fact because the newest introductions in hard surfaces have become so well designed, offer a plethera of price points and aesthetics on which carpet and rugs can be positioned. Carpet and rugs can seamlessly flow or strategically delineate spaces within an interior as the perfect mate to the hard surface beneath, the all important “blank canvas”. Whether made by machine or by hand, many of the tufted and woven goods launched and expo’d at Surfaces were a delight to the senses amongst the beauty of the wood and stone visuals…not as a rose among thorns but as the “crowning touch”.

Shaw Floors “Glee” porcelain tile with concrete finish wood grain aesthetic – Loved this! Available to be installed as herringbone or traditional plank.
Cerused, face-sawn, white oak hardwood floors  “Beach Confidential” by Emily Morrow Home pair easily with Stanton Carpets woven carpets
As our day to day lives get busier and under more pressure, our homes have transformed from being a “statement” of our style to become our sanctuaries. Consumers are looking for simplicity, serenity and comfort, looking for a place to unplug and reconnect with one another. Calming neutrals in natural textures and soft shapes reflect the simplistic comfort of the “Danish design” sensibility, also known as “Hygge” which is especially apparent in matte, delustered and chalky finished floors, soft fibers and furnishings. What goes better with luxurious materials like marble, aged gold or polished gold metallics? Concrete visuals, light-colored zero-gloss hardwoods, chalky pastels and quiet whites.

Today’s empowered consumers know they have a choice of what they do and don’t bring into their homes, and we as the designers, specifiers, providers, retailers and manufacturers can only do what’s smart…inform them as best we can and give them stunning and attainable options.





DESIGN SPECTATOR: Journey to the biggest flooring and design trends in 2017

The Surfaces Issue

In order to prepare for a journey, you must first know where you’ve been, where you are currently, as well as where you want to go. I love planning trips and anticipating all the various twists and turns that I might encounter so that I’m sufficiently packed and well-prepared. In thinking about 2017, it is not unlike a journey. The next big product or design idea is probably already in the development process and without doubt will emerge this market season.

Where we’ve been:
It goes without saying, the floor covering and design world have been saturated with grays, taupes, off-whites and visuals that imply “reclaimed”, whether it’s hardwood floors, resilient vinyl, porcelain tile, carpet or rugs. We’ve witnessed a shift of market dominance from soft to hard surface, the softening of soft goods, the pendulum shift back from carpet that’s “too soft”, explosion of anything that is labeled as “waterproof”, and the clear expectations of the consumer for products that “perform” underfoot while looking beautiful.

Where we are:
It’s been eight years since we’ve had a change in the presidential leadership of our country, and no matter what your politics are, the change always leads to movement in things that impact our industry. We are already seeing an upswing in the stock market, optimism in new home construction, increases in existing home sales, and the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time since 2008. All these factors are going to result into some noticable new ideas coming to life.

Where we are going:
While there are so many trends for 2017 we can cover, the most interesting are ten mega-trends that we’ll readily see in floor covering.
1) If you’ve noticed there’s been an influx of marble, especially cararra and calacatta marbles, then you’ve seen the influence of “understated luxury”. The marbled effects are going to continue to grow in resilient vinyls and even reproduced in porcelain tiles.

Mohawk Style “Marianna Calacatta” Porcelain Tile falls directly into the “Understated Luxury” trend with its upscale calacatta marble visual in a wide variety of sizes, in both gloss and satin finishes.
2) For the ever-growing love for “uncluttered living”, look for more and more clean lines, little to no visible wood grain or character. This will mean less and less of the hand-scraped, chatter-marked or knotty wood visuals.

Mohawk Style “Vintage Vintique” – color “Winter Oak” hits the sweet spot of uncluttered living due to the clean wood grain visual in a cerused white-oak finish, with little character or knots showing.
3) While it may sound like a contradiction of #2, it’s entirely different and noteworthy. There’s a huge global or “travel inspired design” movement. This flooring influence will mean oversized geometric design motifs in rugs and carpet, more and more antique persian rugs, especially layered over jute, sisal or seagrass broadloom and hardwood flooring.

The wire-brushed hardwood floor is “Global Spirit” by Emily Morrow Home layered with Stanton Carpet Styles: “Bali” and “Belize” woven jute, Color: “Macadamia” and the iconic “Serengeti” woven polypropylene in color “Wild Root” from their “Kilimanjaro Collection”.
4) If you’ve seen HGTV, you’ve watched Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Fixer Upper” show and their “Urban Farmhouse” look which is a blend of rustic, reclaimed, distressed paint treatments and wood everywhere.

The “Fixer Upper” Power Couple Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a major design movement with their easy-living “Magnolia Home” urban farmhouse lifestyle.
5)“Japanese and mid-century modern” influences are creating a hybrid design style where you’ll find traditional and modern details and clean lines. Light and neutral hardwood floors, long and wide wood planks with zero character or gloss, and neutrals will keep things light.

Amadeo - ADO-1015.jpeg
Surya Rug Fall 2016 Fall “Amadeo” features zen-style cross hatching in a quiet monochrome range of grays. Speaking to the need for uncluttered and simpler living, the subtle pattern and palette fit into many design styles.
6) The wood has migrated up from the floor to the walls and includes many of the wood trends from 2016 into 2017 like reclaimed gray barnwood and painted white or white washed ship lap boards, *another influence by the “Fixer Upper” designer.

Eastern Accents High Point Fall 2016 styled by Thom Felicia featuring wood wall decor
7) The “Danish movement” is working its way through hard and soft surfaces. We’ve seen glimpses of this in one of Shaw’s newest porcelain tile styles, “Glee” that has the look of concrete embossed with wood grain. Plaster, chalky or matte finishes have been working their way into the interiors world gradually. Initially we saw introductions of “plastery white” vases and vessels at the various interior design and home furnishings shows in Europe and the US, matte black automotive paints in luxury sports cars, and then black in virtually every category one can imagine…so when you pair two or more rather significant trends, what do you get? A mega trend that takes flight and has longevity in the marketplace. Check out the following examples of this mega trend…

Barbara Barry for Global Views highlights the “plaster” whites, off whites and dove grays in various vessels at this Fall 2016 High Point Show.

For more on the “matte” and “plaster” trend…

Check out my friends from HGTV Home Nancy Fire and HGTV Dream Home Designer Bryan Patrick Flynn on YouTube as they talk about Matte Black faucets in Delta’s showroom at KBIS

Ties directly into the precursor trend of black stainless steel at KitchenAid as well as a little nod to LaCornue’s luxurious black ranges.
Matte, Metals and Black combined for a winning finish in 2017…combining multiple design trends into one mega trend #MatteBlack #BlackStainlessSteel #kitchenaidappliances #matteblackdeltafaucets

Stanton Carpets interpretation of the danish design trend “Hygge”
Stanton Carpets interpretation of the danish design trend “Hygge”

Take note of an unfamiliar term, “hygge”, a bulky cabled yarn found in throws. The bulky cabled yarns will be difficult to translate into broadloom carpets due to manufacturing and performance challenges but handmade rugs will be sourced from Denmark. Look for translations of the “knitted visuals” among chunkier tufted and woven loop pile carpets.

8) Vibrant jewel-tones in accessories for the home require a set of “new neutrals” beyond the gray and taupes of the past 10 years. Muted earth-toned shades of terracotta, camel and sand play nicely with the jewel-tones. These neutrals will be needed in backsplash subway tiles, large format porcelain floor tiles as well as resilient vinyls, hardwood planks and even laminates.

Surya’s Fall 2016 collection of rugs features this rug “Tessera” which is not only a montage of jewel tones but also an updated take on an ancient Persian design motif.
9) Blue, all shades of blue, is continuing to make its mark in homes. Painted kitchen cabinets in lacquered navy blue, gray-blue and robin’s egg blue are becoming more and more popular after their color panache has been brought to life at Kitchen and Bath shows as well as in Designer Showhouses.

Stanton Carpet wilton style: “Carnegie” color: “Marine”
10) Last but certainly not least, the final mega-trend is “open living spaces” in the home. The ability for families to eat, cook, work and entertain in an open floor plan gives everyone the flexibility to adapt the purpose and use of any given space of the home. With an open floor plan, flooring must cross seamlessly from one area to another harmoniously. Designers, architects as well as design-savvy homeowners need to be able to find floor covering that is long, wide and visually open. Patterned carpets that will be most successful will look “woven” or have patterns that are wide open, large in scale with little to no contrast. Designers of open living spaces allow the homeowners the opportunity to define spaces. For example, conversation areas need to have grouped seating that is clearly defined by rugs layered on gorgeous hardwood or natural stone floors. Traffic within the open layout home flows strategically according to the arrangement of furniture and flooring.

Due to the continuing demand for open living spaces in both remodeled existing homes as well as new home construction, wider and longer planks help to visually expand and open up areas, allowing the eye to flow harmoniously from one designated space to another. Mohawk’s SolidTech vinyl style “Vershire Steelgate” offers all the necessary attributes for an open floor plan.

In summary, each of these ten megatrends offer homeowners an important solution and that’s that they give variety, the ability to change or adapt the way they express their personal style in the home.

Matte Black with Nancy Fire and Bryan Patrick Flynn of HGTV Dream Home and HGTV Home products & finishes 

Nancy Fire & Bryan Patrick Flynn discuss matte black at KBIS 2017 view on YouTube

Plaster, chalky or matte finishes have been working their way into the interiors world gradually. First we saw introductions of “plastery white” vases and vessels at the various interior design and home furnishings shows in Europe and the US, matte black automotive paints in luxury sports cars and then black in virtually every category one can imagine…so when you pair two rather significant trends, what do you get? A mega trend that takes flight and has longevity in the marketplace. Check out the following examples of this mega trend…

Matte, Metals and Black combined for a winning finish in 2017…combining multiple design trends into one mega trend #MatteBlack #BlackStainlessSteel #kitchenaidappliances #matteblackdeltafaucets

Delta Faucet HGTV HOME #designspectator #2017trends…

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