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If you have kids going off to college for the first time, you’re in for an eye-opening experience. Compared to my “going off to college” era of the mid 1980’s, it is a time filled with endless options that have been specifically designed just to fit inside a space the size of a postage stamp…and look incredibly well put together. My son would not allow me to do anything other than buy his sheets, towels and toiletries…and to an interior designer mother, that was tough. I just knew he could have the snazziest dorm room at Oglethorpe University…but that was just not to be. He wanted the opposite…and was reluctant to let me in the door to see his living spaces. I understand now after having talked to other parents of young men…this is apparently the norm…but then 4 years later, my daughter was preparing for her freshman year of Furman University and it was a brand new world. We got to look at beautiful fabrics for bedding, color and patterned fabrics that coordinated the head boards with the bedding and made to fit those extra long “unattractive” dorm beds no less, and her roommate was savvy at finding just the right sources for just what they needed. My biggest takeaway after looking at the websites for all the “necessities” was kicking myself for not thinking of this great design concept which is BIG business. The options are endless…we started at TJ Maxx, moved on to Target and then to the ultimate, Dorm Decor and Dorm Suite Dorm both having showrooms located in Birmingham, Alabama where you can see touch and feel the fabrics and check out the quality of the workmanship. We LOVED their options and found everything a girl needs and wants in her “dorm away from home”.

Which leads me to today’s post…we’ve been preparing for Mary’s sophomore year at the same university and I can’t help but think about all the business opportunities out there. New business idea for someone…figure out the best way(s) to help students create their own “dorm sweet dorm” and allow families to feel a little less sad about leaving the kiddos at the various universities across the US.

For more, read “Pimped Out Dorm Room Triggers Competition at Ole Miss”








The FU 2016 “dorm design” work begins weeks in advance, choosing rugs for a soft floor to sit on as Mary studies, to find the compactly designed best solutions for any student who has a need to keeping an ordering work and sleep space…and lots of room for pictures of mom, (just kidding). Thanks to Mary’s brother and his employer, Nance Industries we found some beautiful fabricated rugs and carpet that would soften the concrete floors of Mary’s dorm room. We couldn’t have possibly anticipated how necessary the carpet and rugs would be until we first entered the room and realized the floors were down to the rough concrete floors because it was one of the few dorm buildings not to get the scheduled renovations. Before you get the wrong idea about Furman, they communicated with us well ahead of time and have offered concessions to all the students in the un-renovated spaces. Check out these gorgeous rugs and more cool things fabricated by NANCE Industries at these websites: or


Furman University Housing did try to prepare us in advance by communicating that this particular building was not one of those with completed renovations. As you can see, there are rough concrete floors and Furman provided sisal rugs to help aesthetics a little bit. Nonetheless, we were thankful we took soft carpet and rugs since these tightly woven sea grass rugs from Furman are a little abrasive under bare feet.



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