As I’m preparing to
celebrate my 11th year anniversary of surviving Breast Cancer by
going on a photo safari, I find myself poring over images and
articles on Eastern Africa. This travel has been at the top of my
bucket list for ages and finally I’m finding the time to make the
trip. My expectations are great and I’m certain that I’ll return
with rich impressions from the wild-ness and beauty of the animals,
the land and the warmth of the people. Thinking over history and my
limited view of what “Africa” is, I can’t help but think of one of
my favorite movies, “Out of Africa”, favrorite stores, Banana
Republic. Consider today all of the styles that have borrowed
elements straight from actual “safari attire” as well as other
iconic fashion and interior designers who infused their look with
“safari campsite” looks, but done so on a very luxurious scale. I’m
sharing some images from the things that have caught my eye and
look forward to sharing my travel photos in my next blog. One thing
that is for certain, I will return permanently changed and my
outlook on the world improved from this time out of the office.
It’s going to be a great source of product ideas, color stories as
well as interior design concepts that, like safari living, have to
be versatile, durable, comfortable and unwavering in style. Check
out my Pinterest board, “SAFARI AWAY” for my
Be well and stay tuned! Hugs, Emily

Tanzania of africa 1




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