Emily Kiker Morrow: Perfect English ~ English design, that is…why we love it!

What is it that we all love about “English” design? Is it their “English way” of making “clutter” look elegant? Layered rugs, stacked books, plump down pillows and decadently rich leathers…all of these details are what I associate with “classic” english interiors. Not to say that we aren’t fascinated with the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis or what The Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing…we are…but who doesn’t appreciate the look and feel of “English” homes. They feel curated…in the best sense of the word. Mark Gillette Interior Design: Press coverage - English Home August 2012

English interiors, in my mind, are typically full of natural light and soothing woolish neutrals, not the dark and dreary interiors that one associates with Harry Potter movies. Comfort is key…where bespoke materials are lavishly used. Wood floors and furniture are lovingly cared and have “perfectly patinaed” surfaces. “Reclaimed” wood is a given…although the materials are not dredged out of a tobacco mill or from the bottom of a river, but rather exist exactly as the craftsman intended, in its original location. “Aging in place” has an entirely different meaning when it comes to wood millwork…it’s cared for and respected for generations upon generations.

home of English designer Rose Uniacke

Do we “romaticize” about what we imagine “English” families have in their homes, yes of course. That’s for certain ~ but I do love the “idea” of what we all think and feel “english design” represents. 

(by Plain English Designs - Chelsea Studio)

Stay tuned for more thoughts on English Design as my family and I report back from our trek to England. We plan to squeeze as much beauty and history as we possibly can and bring the memories back to cherish for a lifetime. 

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