Emily Kiker Morrow on designing with wood…wood is good!


If you have a chance to go to the link for Michael Green’s talk about building skyscrapers of wood at TED 2013, you’ll be rewarded. It’s a brief and inspiring talk that will leave you with a renewed love and appreciation for the beauty of wood as a building material. 

We’ve talked a lot about the warmth, character and quality that wood brings to interiors, but what we haven’t considered enough is the fact that its’s truly good to use wood..good, as in good for us. In his TED talk, Michael Green says “Wood gives Mother Nature fingerprints in our buildings…and makes our buildings connect with us through nature”…”that it’s the only building material that is grown by the sun…and has an amazing capacity to store carbon.”

Last year I was invited to judge the senior interior design students’ final projects, many of whom were directed to use materials that were “sustainable”. One student in particular was reprimanded by her professor for specifying “new” not “reclaimed” North American hardwood floors. Once it was the jury’s turn to provide feedback, I congratulated the student for choosing wood floors since they were domestically grown, and made in the USA. The professor actually deducted points off of the student’s grade for the final project because she argued that wood is not in plentiful supply…not true here in USA. I hope many will find gratification in knowing that our North American forests are responsibly forested, are providing jobs and building materials that are not only beautiful but are “good” in infinite ways. It’s no wonder we see consumers and designers drawn to all things wood or wood-inspired. Wood, it does us all good!

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  1. I agree, choosing a locally and sustainably grown material such as wood is a responsible choice. If the ‘used’ timber is imported from far away, think of all that pollution in transport. What a shame the girl was reprimanded for it.

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