American Echoes ~ design inspiration from the past

American Echoes ~ design inspiration from the past

Betsy Ross

Today I am inspired by the artwork of a friend and former colleague, Michael Standridge, who bravely went out on his own to pursue his passion, a new venture called “American Echoes”. What does American Echoes make? Art crafted from wood waste…made by the hands of disabled Americans with Mike’s careful guidance…made right here in the USA. This day in history , June 21st, 1788, our Constitution was ratified, making it the law of the land. Who doesn’t want a beautiful flag for their home to celebrate the liberties that our country enjoys? Today, June 21, 2013 Mike officially launches “American Echoes” in Greenville, South Carolina with his friends and family surrounding him.

Citadel Big Red

American Echoes collection features a variety of USA flag designs, state flags and some iconic images that we are drawn to. Celebrating our history, our freedom and the innovative American spirit that helped make America great…that’s what Mike’s company is all about…It’s about looking back to where we came from, looking inwardly to what we see as beautiful, using the talent and resources from unexpected places…and sharing that beauty with others. For me, when you combine the beauty of North American hardwood, an innovative entrepreneurial spirit and our beautiful flag…that’s a winning combination!!! Congratulations to Mike, to American Echoes and to all those involved. 

Gadsden Sons of Liberty

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