How do I live “the beautiful life”?

Ever ask yourself “How do I live the beautiful life?”? The answer to this is both easy and difficult. If you’re optimistic, you most likely already see and experience the beautiful life. If, on the other hand, you’re a little on the pessimistic side, it may be a challenge but one that will change your life for the better and maybe even resolve other hurdles you experience daily.

When you wake up, what’s the first thought of your conscious mind?? Mine?? I wake to the joyous aroma of my freshly brewed coffee. Oh joy!!! But before I allow myself the luxury of this ridiculously wonderfully addicitive brew, I roll over once more to say a word of thanks to God for waking up in a safe place in a healthy body. Seriously!!! Giving thanks is the first step in experiencing the beauty and joy of life. I am a breast cancer survivor and mother of two so waking up is a blessing in itself. Anyway, this is where it all starts…with a little “thank you” to God…and besides being thankful for good health I’m most certainly thankful for the coffee beans and the many good folks around the world who bring it to my local grocery store so I can set my coffee maker’s timer to go off at just the right hour. (p.s. here’s a real big thank you to the Starbucks folks!!! I love having the priviledge of driving in my PJs to Starbucks with my VIP golf card for a cup of Pike’s Place blend.

Consider looking at it like this…if you love flowers, keep a vase of flowers on your kitchen counter as your treat to yourself. If you are like me and watching your frivolous spending, then feel free to copy my very practical idea. I’m going out today to buy my annuals and the plan is to pot them for my front porch and steps…being that it’s the most beautiful time of the year and as long as you have your Zyrtec D…Just do it! Get some pots and potting soil and arrange the flowers near your entry ways, and make sure you get a good variety of annuals that will bloom sequentially throughout your spring and summer…then you can snip pretty little blooms any time you wish. Most people think the little crystal toothpick holders are for toothpicks…baloney! they’re for your little blooms – place them wherever you’ll see them most…smile!!!

Stay tuned!!! this afternoon is my cooking time. Loving from the oven…my kids know the secret ingredient to the meals I stir up for them. L-O-V-E. Cooking…potting flowers…listening to great music while you are doing what you love most…and we’ll get to the “interior design fun” later but this is what I’d call the ultimate guide to finding and discovering the beauty around you!!

You have successfully completed the first chapter of “Living a Beautiful Life” which I firmly believe will prolong your life, reduce your cholesterol, blood pressure and have your brain firing off those high quality endorphins. Who wants to spoil all this fun time being depressed??? We;ll talk more about that next time.

Big hugs from Living a Beautiful Life

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