Emily Morrow Home began with a love story…a life-long love for design that grew into a profession. After almost thirty years of practicing interior design, thirteen of which was directing Shaw Industries’ color, style and design development, I have recently entered a new chapter of life and launched a new enterprise, Emily Morrow Home, […]

BY EMILY MORROW FINKELL POSTED ON AUGUST 1, 2017 NWFA Hardwood Magazine https://viewer.aemmobile.adobe.com/index.html#project/c0ce2bfc-3b54-47d1-972d-1822eaa43e77/view/HardwoodFloorsAugust2017/article/018-019Aug After nearly 30 years as an interior designer, one of my favorite things to do is mentor and see new design students and new graduates “get their wings” and begin working in the real world. One way I’ve been able to work […]

The Finkells: Factories behind fences http://www.daltondailycitizen.com/opinion/columns/andrea-dobbins-the-finkells-factories-behind-fences/article_c67504cf-c61e-5cc6-95a8-bc3f4f800959.html Jul 23, 2017 On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit with Don and Emily Finkell, two local entrepreneurs. Win-Win-Win. That’s how CEO Don Finkell describes his company. The state wins. The company wins. The prisoner wins. Inmates in the Turney Correctional facility outside of Nashville, Tenn., have the […]

EMILY MORROW FINKELL: DESIGN SPECTATOR FLOOR COVERING WEEKLY –  JULY 2017 Athleisure noun  ath·lei·sure  \ˈath-ˌlē-zhər, -ˌle-, -ˌlā-, ÷ˈa-thə-\ Definition of athleisure: Casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. “Athleisure” is one of those new terms that seems to have made its way into our daily vocabulary, into the urban […]